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tailored private cloud solutions for small and medium businesses

want to know more about yocloud?

Yocloud is a leading provider of cloud-based telephones, email, computer workspaces and Office 365 integration for small and medium businesses in the UK.

Find out what is important to us, such as who we like to work with and what our customers think of us…

common benefits of cloud

  • Scalability (up and down)
  • Fast implementation
  • Reduce capital expense
  • Managed services
  • More reliable per £ spent
  • Reduce risks and threats
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Access to enterprise technology

common risks of cloud

The following can be an issue with the ‘big’ suppliers…

  • Low supplier proactivity or support
  • Lose control of data
  • Data location can be unclear
  • Lack of responsiveness and customer service
  • One size doesn’t fit all
  • Most require an expert administrator
  • Multiple supplier management

'the yocloud way'

Yocloud was set up to give you, ‘your own cloud’, so you get the best of both worlds. You can have the business benefits of cloud, but with the responsiveness and accountability, you have with in house and on-premise solutions.
We like to fill in the blanks too, so we can normally cater for most if not all of what your business needs from your Information Technology investment.

so is yocloud right for your business?


is cloud right for your business?

Cloud-based solutions offer some clear advantages over traditional on-premise IT, but many small and medium businesses are still unsure how to make the cloud work for them. Using cloud solutions doesn’t necessarily mean an overnight change of all your IT, many businesses start simply by moving email or telephony to a cloud solution. So, what is the right strategy for your business?

what is cloud anyway?

Cloud means different things to different people, but the simplest way to look at it is that a cloud solution is one where your IT resources are not on your business premises, instead they are ‘hosted’ in a purpose-built data centre.
Typically the data centre will provide very high levels of security for IT equipment along with resilient and redundant power and Network. Additionally, the IT architecture will be of enterprise-grade, offering greater functionality and reliability.
Cloud service providers can leverage their investments and distribute the computing resources efficiently amongst their customers, offering you flexibility and a better grade of IT resources than you may otherwise be able to justify the costs of.

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