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tailored private cloud solutions for small and medium businesses

A great choice for fledgling businesses!

Most of us are very familiar with the Office suite of applications, but with Office 365, you no longer have to pay a large upfront cost to have these applications.

o365 gives you the applications you need for a simple monthly fee.

Getting it set right from the start... a stitch in time saves nine!

But Office 365 can give you more than just the application, it can give you the services you need to sit behind them, like email and file storage.

This is where yocloud can make all the difference to your o365 journey.

We can get you set up right, from the start.



Yocloud can make sure…

  • Your business is protected from threats
  • Your services are set up right from the start
  • Your data is secure and backed up as it should be
  • Your move into o365 goes smooth and painlessly


It's really easy to do... isn't it??


This won't suit you if...

You are not a business

You don’t like great value!


Things you should know...

  • There will be costs to move your existing data into o365
  • Yocloud can manage the whole process
  • We can add extra layers of security and service

Want to find out how your business can o365 right first time?

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