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tailored private cloud solutions for small and medium businesses

We all use email, it's nothing new, but can it be a better business tool?

Our email solution is built on the defacto standard Microsoft Exchange server, so you get all the benefits of enterprise email for just a small monthly fee per user.

You’ll probably already know that with Exchange, your email is pushed to any enabled device of your choice, but you can also access your calendar and contacts from all these devices too.

Exchange email lets you share calendars, book resources and much much more.


Fed up of SPAM? we've got you covered.

Most people are aware of ‘Phisihng’ email scams, where criminals try to gain infomation from you, using sometimes very convincing emails asking to reset blocked accounts and so on.

This video shows the humourous side and is definately worth a look if you have ten minutes spare! But spam email can be a very real threat to your business, infact email is one of the biggest vulnerabilities in most businesses IT.

So naturally we have a class leading cloud vendor solution to give you the very best protection (and it’s included in the price!)


How safe is your email data now?


This won't suit you if...

You are not a business

You don’t like great value!


Things you should know...

  • Our email solution is based on Enterprise Microsoft Exchange architecture
  • It’s highly resilient
  • We offer, archiving, backup and retention
  • We can migrate your old email to us
  • We offer class leading email threat protection
  • We can even manage your DNS


Want to find out how we can make email great again?

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